The objects for which the trust has been established are to provide Medical Relief, to provide Education, to undertake any other object of Socio-economic upliftment of the people and further in of any other objectives of general public utility not involving carrying on any activity for profit and for such purposes.
  1. To establish, promote, support, maintain, help and run Medical Institutions and other establishments for giving medical relief to the public.
  2. To provide medicines, food, clothing, water, light and / or shelter for the poor and / or needy persons including handicapped persons and to give help to them either in cash or in kind or otherwise.
  3. To establish and maintain homes, orphanages and other establishment for relief of and to give help to the poor and destitute, handicapped persons, orphans, and widows and otherwise provide for them.
  4. To establish, maintain and run institutions for senior citizens, their care, treatment, day home etc. and to grant assistance in cash or kind for the purpose,
  5. To collect and receive donations, contributions, subscriptions, bequest, grant-in-aid, other aid, assistance in cash or in kind from all persons and institutions interested in the objects of the trust.
  6. To take or accept donations, loans, subsidies, aids, assistance (both monetary and in kind) from whatever source available.
  7. To carry and run institutions having objectives similar to the trust not involving carrying on any activity for profit.


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